Social Media and Your Nonprofit Organization
The onset of social media has created new and innovative ways for nonprofits to get their message out and to engage in advocacy and public relations. It has opened up new avenues to reach people that have not existed in the past. Social Media can give nonprofits unique ways to publicize events and send out invitations. It can also help create connections and networks between other organizations and people who share your vision and can help accomplish mission objectives. It is becoming imperative that nonprofits join in the benefits a strategic social media campaign can bring. For general information on creating social media campaigns please see these links:

 What Nonprofits Need to Know About Social Media

Getting Your Nonprofit Started With a Social Media Strategy

For information on specific social media outlets and how nonprofits can use them beneficially please see the following links:


Getting Started on Google+

Nonprofits Find New Ways to Connect With Google+


Non-profits on Facebook

How Non-profits Can Maximize Engagement on Facebook


24 Best Practices for Nonprofits Using Twitter

Twitter Community Organizing Rules for Nonprofits

Nonprofit's Twitter Success and How it Can Work for You


12 Ways to Use Pinterest For Your Nonprofit

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