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2008 Ohio County Indicators
Produced by the Ohio Department of Development, this 184-page report provides numerous maps of Ohio with color-coded, county-level information on population, income, housing units, employment and business indicators.


State Spending by County, FY 2007

Produced by the Ohio Legislative Service Commission, this 192-page report provides detailed information on total and per capita state spending by county, including an itemization of spending within each county by agency.

Ohio Facts: 2008 Edition

Published on behalf of the Ohio Legislature, this 85-page report is essentially a listing of state-wide statistics on Ohio’s economy, public finances and major public programs such as education, health and human service, and the state’s prison system.

Ohio: The State of Philanthropy

Published by the Ohio Grantmakers Forum and the Foundation Center, this 34-page report provides the most current data available on charitable giving by individuals and foundations in Ohio. Includes a short section with specific information on giving in Southeast Ohio.


Children / Education

Ohio’s Kids Count: 2008 Databook

This report provides the most current, accurate information available about the health, education, safety and economic security  of Ohio’s children. In addition to state-wide data, this report also provides a fact sheet for every county in Ohio, including the most up-to-date figures on 14 key indicators of child well-being including rates of child poverty, abuse, teen pregnancy, etc.

Ohio’s Appalachian Children

Published by the Children’s Defense Fund in 2001, this 32-page report provides useful (albeit a little dated) information on children’s health and education in the 29 counties of Appalachia Ohio.  Especially helpful is the regional factsheet on page 24 and 25.

Ohio School Report Cards

Maintained by the Ohio Department of Education, this website provides access to public school report cards with detailed statistics on individual school- and district-level performance. This site also provides a downloadable guide on how to interpret these report card results.

Juvenile Justice for Ohio’s Children?

Published by the Children’s Defense Fund in 2005, this 109-page report provides statistics on Ohio’s Juvenile Justice system, including individual county factsheets that identify  the number,  gender, race and placement of children charged with a crime in that county.

Economy/Economic Development

2008 Ohio Economic Overview

Produced by the Ohio Department of Development, this 2-page factsheet is packed with statistics including the most recent unemployment figures, growth projections and a breakdown of employment by sector for the state.

Underemployment in Appalachia and the Rest of the United States, 1996 - 2004

Conventional unemployment rates provide an incomplete measure of local labor markets because they fail to capture involuntary part-time workers or discouraged workers who stop seeking employment because they can’t find jobs. Published for the Appalachian Regional Commission, this report provides a more complete picture of the Appalachian labor market by providing estimates of underemployment by state and by demographic group in easy-to-read charts.

Spotlight on Economic Development Grantmaking in Ohio

Produced in 2008 by The Foundation Center – Cleveland, this 6-page report provides an overview of economic development grantmaking in Ohio, analyzing grant making priorities, target populations, top grant makers and recipients




Ohio Department of Health Website

This website provides numerous reports and spreadsheets with statewide and county-level information on births and deaths, infant health, local nursing homes and hospitals, and a variety of specific heath issues including cancer, diabetes, smoking, childhood obesity, etc.

Ohio Cancer Facts and Figures

Published by the American Cancer Society and the Ohio Department of Health in 2010, this 69-page report  provides detailed statistics on the incidence of various types of cancer and the rates of survival, including county-specific data broken down by gender and type of cancer. It also provides a special section on cancer in Appalachian Ohio, where both incidence and mortality rates are higher for several types of cancer.



Energy / Environment

Energizing Appalachia: A Regional Blueprint for Economic and Energy Development

Published in 2006 by the Appalachian Regional Commission, this 32-page report provides statistics on energy use and resources throughout Appalachia and lays out a series of objectives and strategies for developing energy-based economic development for this region.

Energy Resources and Utilization in Appalachian Ohio

Prepared by the Voinovich School for Leadership and Public Affairs, this 15-page report provides a series of up-to-date maps and charts depicting existent and/or potential for coal, oil, gas, hydropower, solar, wind and other energy production in Appalachian Ohio.

Envirofacts Data Warehouse

Maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this website provides state-, county- and company-level information on threats to air, water, and land quality due to current or past industrial output. The database can be searched by zipcode, county or business name to identify environmental violations. The site will also show zipcode and county maps labeled with the type and source of potential environmental contaminants.


An Ohio Perspective on Energy and Climate Change

Published in 2008 by Ohio University’s Consortium for Energy, Economics and the Environment, this short report highlights the importance of energy to Ohio’s economy and addresses how climate change combined with restructuring of the electricity industry in Ohio will impact Ohio’s business and economy.


The Arts

Ohio Arts Council Fact Sheet

Provided by Ohio Citizens for the Arts, this page gives information on the Ohio Arts Council. It gives data on the budget and funding of the Council, along with information about what the Ohio Arts Council does with its money. More information about the Ohio Arts Council can be found at their website.

Spotlight on Arts Grantmaking In Ohio

Created by the Foundation Center – Cleveland, this short report provides information on levels of giving by specific subfields within the arts and by type of support  in Ohio as well as information on the largest donors to the arts in Ohio and their top twenty recipients.


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